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Transportation Risk Underwriters


  • If you are an insurance agent and you have a need for the products that we offer, you have found the right place, Transportation Risk Underwriters, our wholesale division, offers aggressive rates and commissions to qualified agents.

    Some of the key features of our program are:

    * Quick quote indications.
    * Ability to quote specialized risks rapidly
    * Variety of logistics markets and products.
    * Aggressive Pricing and Commissions
  • *Full Service Surety Bond Agency



TruPortal Features



View My Quotes


This section of the TruPortal allows our agents to view quotes that have been issued. Here, you can view a quick snapshot of your quote. 

Policies In Force


This section of the TruPortal allows you to view policies in which coverage has been bound or that have been issued. Here, you can view a quick snapshot of the quote that was bound. 

Print Quotes and Applications on the Fly!



A partially completed application is also available for download. Please check that you have downloaded the correct application. If the application appears blank, please save to your desktop and open with a pdf reader such as Adobe Reader. The application is partially completed. Please review EACH question and detail of the application with your client and provide any corrections to the underwriter that sent you the quote to re-consider the changes.

If the quote is issued with a Surplus Lines Carrier, a link to the State required Surplus Tax affidavit (and in some states, a co-brokering agreement)  will be provided. A copy of this form is normally included with the emailed proposal package.

To bind coverage, use the pre-populated Bind Request Form  provided with your quote. It is important to use this document so we bind the correct quote issued to your agency. Simply prepare your documentation in the following order:

Pre-Populated Bind Request Form

Completely populated application document set(App, Check Form, Tria, SL Tax affidavit, Broker/Carrier Agreement(if Contingent Auto coverage is quoted)

All documents must be signed and dated by BOTH the Insured as well as the Producing Agent with either wet ink signatures

or if using E-Signatures; A Fully Encrypted Digital Signature and date must be executed and a copy of the Certificate of Authenticity must be provided by a reputable source(DocuSign, Adobe Sign,ect). Simple Signature Stamps are not accepted.

If you have been issued a quote but are not yet appointed, coverage cannot be bound until you have completed the online appointment process (Available here) and approved as an appointed TRU Partner agency.

All Bind Requests with the above documentation should be emailed to with your instructions to bind. A binder will be available upon acknowledgement of all required documentation.

Print Binders


 A copy of your quote is available for download at the bottom of this summary screen as well as a copy of your binder. Additional enhancements such as Endorsements, Policies, and Invoices are in design phase but are coming soon.